still working on support…

fca_logo1A couple of posts ago I shared about my transition to working full time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  So far I have enjoyed my first month on staff.  Even though I am still not plugged into all that I am going to be doing, I have loved getting to know the other staff and making new connections in our new town as well.  My main assignment is still working on getting the rest of our needed financial support.  We are currently at a little over 60% of our needed goals, but several people have promised to start giving regularly and we are waiting to see what those commitments will be.  I would love the opportunity to come share with you about what my new role with FCA will be and also how you can partner with us.  If you want to meet please let me know and we will get together!  Also, if you know you would already like to partners with my family and I, check out our online support page .  There you can sign up to become an Automatic Monthly Partner.  More than anything though, please keep my family and I in your prayers!

cutting the cord…

cable-tv-alternatives-ways-watch-free-tv-movies-online-streaming-lower-bill-save_0With our move to Richmond and ministry transitions, our family has made lots of changes over the past couple of months.  One of those changes is the way that we watch television. For the past several years we had lived so rurally that we were unable to pick up even basic network channels via antenna in our house.  Until a year ago we were unable to get high speed internet in order to stream television as well.  So with these limitations we at different times used both of the two major satellite companies.  However, with our move to Richmond, we had something that we have never had before…options.

When we moved to Richmond, we decided to cut the cords and disconnect from satellite and cable tv.  This was partly because we live of a support based income with the ministry we are in and are in the middle of raising all our needed support.  With our total support still unknown we are cutting areas of our budget that can go out.  Also, now living in Richmond we are able to actually get antenna signal and great high speed internet!

So, now we are unplugged and just streaming shows we like and watching our basic network channels.  To be honest I haven’t really missed the satellite channels all that much and find myself watching less television.  This may also be due to being super busy right now working on our support, but also I don’t have that temptation waiting on me.  We are also saving a good chunk of money in our budget which is really nice.  The only time I am going to really miss it is when my Wildcats play on ESPN or the SEC network!

getting started and raising support…

fca_logo1Yesterday was interesting…for the first time in years I was no longer on staff with Kentucky Mountain Mission.  I am so thankful for all the years that God gave me with KMM and all the great things that I was able to see God Today is my first official day of being on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I am excited to see what God is going to do in me an through me while working with FCA.

For my first month with FCA my main responsibility is trying to raise the rest of our needed financial support.  I am busy right now calling people, emailing, and messaging them to set up support appointments where I can share about our ministry.  I am excited to share about all the cool opportunities God is giving us with FCA and hopefully see others catch the vision God has given us too and join our Home support team.

If you are interested in finding out more about what my wife and I are going to be doing with FCA please let me know and we can set up a time to get together.  If you already know you want to join our support team you can start by going to …..Once there just look up my name Andy Owens and you can sign up to join our support team!  No matter what, please keep us in your prayers this month!

finally home…

This week was a  big one for our family.  Even though we finally moved almost a month ago now, we finally closed on our new home.  It’s ours and we are so relieved a310Norwoodnd excited that God provided a place for our family to make many new memories and that we can use for ministry and sharing the love of Christ with others.

We had hoped to close on our house at the end of June, but our bank kept putting off the closing date.  So, we have been renting since the end of June.  Even though we were in our home, it still didn’t feel like ours yet and their was this stressful cloud hanging over us about when and if we were ever going close.  Monday at 3:30 or so when I walked out of the realtor’s office, all those stresses were gone and a wave of relief swept over me.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our family as we sold our previous home, moved, and now finally closed on our current home.  There were tons of hoops and ups and downs, but we are finally home.  Please continue to pray that we will use our home to both raise our kids to serve the Lord and also be used to reach others!

podcast encouragement…

podcastThe commute has started.  For the month of July I am finishing my time with Kentucky Mountain Mission by commuting almost an hour each way from Richmond to Beattyville.  The first week of my commuting has been a little more rough as I get more tired each day due to the fact that I am working at the Rec Center from open to close, since some of our staff are on vacation.  While physically I am pretty worn down and ready to go hibernate after three weeks of camp, moving, and now commuting, emotionally and spiritually I am feeling very refreshed.

So, why am I feeling so refreshed.  The hour long car rides have allowed me time to listen to some great podcasts and sermons over the course of moving and now commuting.  Yes, I have enjoyed some fun sports and entertainment podcasts like the Bill Simmons podcast and The Watch.  However the opportunity to hear some great sermons and podcasts from Andy Stanley, Southland Christian Church, Alistair Begg, and others have been a great encouragement and blessing to me.  What better way than to start each day than by diving deep into God’s Word and hearing Biblical truths being taught and explained by some great Biblical teachers.  In a season of high stress with moving, house selling and purchasing, and transitioning to a new ministry with FCA, having that teaching in my life has blessed me and kept me focused on my relationship with Christ.

There are so many radio stations that you can listen to out there, but if you have the ability I highly encourage finding some good podcasts to help you enjoy your commute!