staying awake…

Friday nights in the Rec Center fitness area, is really a snooze fest. Only one or two people come in to work out and are usually done by 7 pm at the latest. This week I am spending my time working on my sunday school lesson for Sunday, and also doing a little bit of reading to occupy myself till about 9 pm when I will be able to shut down the fitness side and either go help w/ bowling or go home.

I also found it funny today how certain status posts on facebook really can get people’s attention. For the most part I don’t get a whole lot of status feedback which is fine because I know people have more important things to do or at least should. However, tonight I put something up about me prepping for a Concealed weapons class tomorrow and getting a new pistol, and suddenly got lots of comments. I have never came close to shooting anyone, yet I think the thought of me carrying a concealed weapon must have scared some people!

Well, I am off to work some more on my sunday school lesson. God bless you and have a great weekend!!!


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