a new week and a new dog

For the past few months Erin and I have been struggling with the question of what to do about our dog Barkley.   Barkley is one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen.  You know one of those dogs that’s so ugly he’s cute!   However since last summer Barkley had been getting a unpredictable and having moment’s of blind rage.  

The vet reccommended at first that we get a puppy so that he would have socialization.  However, that seemed to only escalate his outburst.   When we got our puppy Nixie in December Barkley would go from playing with her to attacking her.   So with this attitude towards the puppy getting worse and our thoughts on how he might treat kids in the future we were just really torn with what to do.  80% of the time he is a great dog so we didn’t want to put him down, but that 10% had us living on edge.   So the vet reccommended that we find him a home with no kids and no other pets.  So with a combination of sadness and relief we gave him away on Sunday to a new home w/ Tawny that works w/ us at the Rec Center.   They always have seemed to love each other and so we are praying that he will behave and this home will work out.

The other dog problem we have had is that our puppy Nixie thinks the sun rises and sets w/ Erin and when she is around Nixe wants nothing to do with me.   I love dogs and really have wanted my own buddy for awhile.   I have always regretted having to get rid of my bulldog Mr. Beefy and have had a huge desire to get another bulldog that could be my buddy and ride around with me.   So for the past few months I had been looking at bulldogs.  However, they are just so expensive as a missionary on support I couldn’t justify getting one.  A couple of times I found rescues that seemed like they were excited about letting me have a bulldog only to have them pullout and give the dog to another home.

For the past two weeks though Erin and had been regularly watching craigslist and kijiji to see if anyone had a deal on any type of dog that might be a good match for me.  Erin kept looking and French Bulldogs, Boston terriers, and even puggles.   Then on Friday morning I was looking around before work and happened to spot a post on craigslist from the night before of a beautiful mahogany boxer.  I hadn’t really thought much about getting a boxer, however, this dog was soo pretty I called Erin to have her look at the dog.   Erin then called the dog owners to find out the information on her.

We found out the boxer’s name was Angel and was the runt of a 12 puppy litter.   With being the runt she is about 30 lbs smaller than a typical boxer.   She is akc registered and house, crate, and leash trained.  And best of all really really really cheap.   The owners seemed like nice people but told us 3 other people had already contacted them and the dog was going to be sold on a first come first serve basis.  So after talking about it we decided to get up early Saturday morning and go see the dog which was about an hour away.

Right away I fell in love w/ Angel.   Not only was she beautiful but she was really gentle and not as hyper as a lot of boxers sometimes are.   We decided to take her home with us and she had to ride in the front seat curled up like a baby in Erin’s arms.   For the first 24 hrs we literally didn’t hear her bark.   When Barkley and Nixie nipped at her a bit she just stood there and was really gentle w/ them.   Having her has also been good for me in that I am getting more exercise walking her around on long walks every morning and evening and also smaller ones throughout the day.   While a Boxer was not my dream dog so far Angel has been the perfect dog for me and a real blessing!!!


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