a long but good weekend…

Friday afternoon, my wife and I departed for WV for her Family reunion on Saturday. We spend a busy weekend of visiting both with her immediate family and both sides of her extended family. I enjoyed myself throughout the trip, but was more than anything happy that she was able to spend a lot of quality time with her family, especially being able to spend a few hours w/ her Grandma on Sunday afternooon.

By far the highlight of of the trip was getting to do some target shooting and also trap shooting at Erin’s grandma’s yesterday. Last year I finally got my own shotgun but never really had the chance to try it out. Well, yesterday I got that opportunity and made the most of it shooting better at clay pigeons than I ever have.

This morning we woke up what seemed like a little too bright and early to head back to KY and back to work. While my boxer Angel had been an angel all weekend she really doesn’t like riding in a seat by herself in the car. So on the way home Erin had to recline so that Angel could lay her head next to Erin which made for the cute picture below.

Erin Keeping Angel Calm

Erin Keeping Angel Calm

Anyways it was a good weekend, and now to get some work done before another busy weekend of travel!


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