Today has been a pretty good day. This morning I went to church prepared to teach my Sunday school class, but only had one student so I gave him the option of going to class or staying in for the sermon. He chose to stay so I had the rare but enjoyable opportunity to sit in on a service with my lovely wife.

After church we went to Clay County for my family reunion. Every August my Grandma Owens’ side of the family the Hornsby’s get together and this was Erin’s first year to go with us. It was good to see and hang out with family and catch up with several that I hadn’t seen in awhile. However when you are in a large family it’s never smart to wait till the end of the food line, pickens get slim there.

Now I am restin on the couch and watching an old Audie Murphy western and cracking up at how a walk totally wore out Angel today. It’s so hot it zapped her and normally nothing wears her down.

Our dogs have definitley been a big joy in our lives. Below are som pictures of how they love to be up on the couches with us constantly if we are at home.






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