This has been a very busy but exciting week for Erin and I. On Tuesday we held our very first FCA club of the school year. It was really exciting because we had several new students join us as well as many from last year return. We are busy now getting ready to start at the Middle School on Monday.

On Wednesday Erin and I went to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Stanton for the second Wednesday in a row. We were really excited to join a class there that is going through the Crown Money Map financial planning class. It was great to be able to study God’s Word about how he would have us to use and view our finances and hopefully move towards smarter living in that area. We also really enjoyed being in a group with other young couples and getting to share and fellowship w/ them.

Last night we had our 2nd men’s bowling league night of the winter season. It was a very exciting night for me as it was probably my best over all bowling night that I have ever had. After finally getting a good wrist brace last spring, its been nice to move from a hurt to my team to a helpful contributor! My average is now at 149 after two years of being in the 123 area! Hopefully it will continue to rise.

Today has been a busy day of running around making and delivering pizzas, and running various other errands. We had to go pick up my Buick which has been in the shop since last week. Last Monday a second window in my car decided it wanted to not go up or own any more and so I got both windows fixed and had to put two window motors in my car. I knew that it would cost me something, but it was a lot more than expected…lol…defintley glad I am taking finacial classes now!!!

Well, I have to run we are starting our Friday night bowling league right now. If you think of it be praying for Erin and I. Today her computer died and we revived it enough to get most her information off. However, Erin does a lot of our personal work and correspondance on her computer. Please pray that that God would do a financial miracle so that Erin won’t be w/ out a computer for very long! If I don’t get to write before next week, have a great weekend and thanks so much for reading and for all your prayers!

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