excited about FCA…

Today Erin and I held our first FCA club at the Middle School. We only had three kids show up, but seeing as we don’t have as much contact with the kids at this school we were excited none the less. The prospect of being able to work with the middle school kids and hopefully have a postive influence in their lives that we can carry on all the way through high school is really exciting. And when you add on the prospect that these kids can be involved with FCA even through college it’s just amazing to think that we can hopefully have that much input into their lives for Christ!!

Tomorrow morning, we go back to the high school for our second week of FCA there. Last week we did a little intro to FCA for them and then this week we are going to start actually doing the Inside/Outside FCA theme for this year. Pray that tomorrow as I share with them from God’s Word that they would be awake and receptive.

I also ask you to be praying that I get a little more sleep tonight! Over the weekend with having nerves about speaking on Sunday and then just plain old insomnia last night I really didn’t get too much rest. So with the early morning this morning and looking forward to the early morning tomorrow I am pretty wiped out. Pray that God would kick up my energy level and just that we would have a great impact for Christ!


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