keeping up…

For the past few weeks, I really feel like I am struggling to just “keep up”. And it seems like it is this way in almost every aspect of my life. At home we have been painting and doing a bunch of renovating stuff. Yet seems like I keep falling behind on painting, cleaning, mowing and all kinds of house hold upkeep.

Financially, I have been taking a financial class with my lovely wife and learing to be better about getting out of and not getting into debt as well as saving for the future. And we have seen bits of progress, but once again it’s an area where things keep breaking and rather than gaining ground feels like I am losing.

At the Rec Center I have been trying to keep up with leagues, maintenance, cleaning, office work and when I feel like I am getting a grasp on one area I fall behind in another.

I am not writing this blog entry to sound whiny or down, it’s just one of those things where it is good to get out some the frustrations that are on my heart and mind. You know take part of the weight off.

The one thing though that i am so very thankful for is even when I feel down or way way behind in life I am so thankful that God is in control. I know He has a plan for everything that happens to us and even tough times or frustrating times are there for a purpose/reason. For the past couple of weeks as I have been speaking at a couple different churches one of the sermons I spoke on was how no matter what life throws at us, because of Who Christ is and what He has done for us we can choose to have Hope. I guess God is just making it clear to me that I need to choose Hope in Him in these times….


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