words of encouragement…

Last night Erin and I had the opportunity to attend a dinner in Lexington sponsored by Focus on the Family. It was a dinner to encourage pastor’s and their wives and even though I am not a pastor because of being in full time ministry with KMM we were allowed to attend. To be honest I was a little on the fence as far as my enthusiasm goes before we went. Growing up my Mom had listened to their radio programs almost everyday and as a child my sister and I love to listen to Oddysey programs. However, since entering into adulthood any experience I have had w/ them always ended up with me getting constant emails and mailings needing finanicial support. So, when it came to last night I was worried that this migh just be another way to get support.

However, I must confess I was never more glad to be proven wrong. We were provided with a great dinner and a chance to fellowship with other pastors and people in ministry. The speaker was H.B. London and he shared a message of encouragement to us on keeping our dreams and goals for ministry alive as well as praying that God would give us new dreams to accomplish for the Kingdom. After some of the things that Erin and I have been struggling with lately and even after a very hard day yesterday, it was what we both needed. We needed to be reminded that God is the Dream giver and to ask Him to constantly guide and direct our goals and dreams.

I am truly thankful for the time of encouragment we had last night!


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