breadth and heart…

Yesterday, I prepared for Bible study with some local teens that I am hopefully going to be doing on Monday evenings. The study we are doing is from FCA on developing Character. The first study that I was working on yesterday was on developing breadth and heart. As I sat last night and waited for guys to show up and counted off the minutes leading up to the time Bible study was supposed to start and the minutes after when no one had shown up I really became saddened. I’m not trying to rag on my boys in this blog or anything like that, but working with teens over the past few years and trying to get them excited and encouraged to seek Christ and grow in a relationship with them, it is discouraging to see how there is a lack of breadth and heart in there walk’s with the Lord.

Over and over again we have seen where teens have turned down opportunities to grow in their faith to go do something that seems more fun to them in the moment. A lack of dedication to follow through with commitments and a lack of desire to plow deep into God’s Word. I just often wonder what it will take to get their attention to realize their need and the urgency of a deep relationship with our Lord. How that after all He has done for us the least we can do is being dedicated to serving Him and not only desiring a close relationship with Him, but pursuing it with our whole hearts.

Please pray for our teens here that we are working with. I don’t want to ever let my discouragement get in the way of being a light of encouragement to them. Pray that they will not only see their need but pursue it. Pray for Erin and I to always show them Christ’s love!


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