stuffy headed…

For the past week I have had a sinus problem to where I can barely hear and my ears feel totally plugged. Like someone has either stuffed cotton balls down inside of them or firmly placed their hands over my ears. This has lead to difficulties with other people as I have been unable to hear them. There were some funny ones like me thinking my wife said I was making her feel “conscious” instead of “self-conscious” and some that weren’t so funny like an old man swearing he had ordered a hot dog from across the bowling alley and being mad that I didn’t have it ready. All I know is that I am ready to be able to hear again soon!

Also this has been a discouraging week for me in many ways that I am not able to blog about. But I know many of you without knowing what is going on have been praying for me and I truly appreciate that and hope you will continue to pray for me.


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