chillin @ Panera…

This morning Erin is out with the girls getting their hair ready for Kristin’s big wedding today. So, rather than staying at Erin’s folks with all the dogs or going out to get my hair did with the girls, I had Erin drop me off at Panera, where I could enjoy bagels and some high speed internet. For some reason the simplest thing like sitting in a coffee shop and using fast net seems to be very relaxing and refreshing to me.

Over the past few weeks I really think that God has been trying to work with me and move me along in my life. Not for sure what that really means for my future, but I have just really felt Him growing and stretching me lately in areas that I haven’t been in a long while. Whether that be with how I interact w/ and love others or just dealing w/ ministry and life pressures. I just pray that I will keep looking for what He is wanting to teach me and then when He shows what I need to do or where to go that I would be obedient to Him…


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