staying warm and losing weight…

For the past week we have been under a deep freeze it feels like here in Beattyville. Tomorrow, I think we are finally supposed to get above freezing. With this cold weather, snow, and everything else it has also ushered in the busy season at the Rec Center with all the people coming out to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution. It’s sad but part of me sits and makes wagers with myself on which people will truly stick it out and accomplish their weight loss goals. However, this year I am trying not to be as cynical since I too have joined the resolution to lose weight ranks. With working here at the Rec Center, Erin and I are not able to join the contest. However at our church, Emmanuel Baptist, we are having a contest there. My goal is to lose as much as possible and never have to pay the dollar fine that incurs if you gain weight in a given week!

In other news, Erin and I went forward yesterday at Emmanuel and became members. This is really the first time I have ever sought membership in a church. The church my folks went to when I was little said I was a member after I got baptized there, but I never asked to be a member so didn’t really understand that. Then going to Bear Track I think membership was more assumed than sought. And during my time in Chicago I knew I was coming back to KY so I never really sought membership there. However, it’s exciting to be part of a church family and ready to take on roles of members and dig in to getting plugged in and hopefully adding to the ministry of the church.


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