gearing up for bowling league tonight…

Today has been a very busy but good and productive day. This morning Erin and I were up bright and early for our FCA huddle up at the high school. We were able to talk to the kids about how God’s rules and regulations for our lives are not Him being a cosmic killjoy, but rather looking out for our best interest. And also how following God’s guidelines is another way we change from the inside/out to have that closer relationship w/ Him.

Tonight is Men’s bowling league. Many of you who follow this blog know that this is a source of great joy and sorrow for me. A consistent bowler I am not. Some weeks I am amazing and other weeks I look like it is the first time I have picked up a bowling ball. I pray that I can one day be just a consistent bowler that doesn’t hurt his team.

Also with the men’s bowling league comes a chance to befriend the guys in the league and develop a testimony and relationship w/ them which will hopefully lead into opportunities to encourage them and share Christ with them. Please pray that these opportunities would develop and then that I would also recognize the chances that God gives me. Thanks so much for your prayers!!!


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