practicing chivalry…

Tonight I had a Bible study w/ one of my FCA students. We are working through a Bible study on Godly characteristics. Tonight’s study was on chivalry. To be honest most of the time when I have thought of chivalry I thought of medieval knights or manners towards women. However as we studied chivalry it was more on looking out and for those in need and helping the helpless. Our main passage of study was the story of how David sought out to help any of Jonathan’s surviving family, and ended up finding and helping Mephibosheth (hope I spelled that right). One of the things we discussed is how often we are looking for a big way to serve Christ, when in reality God gives us “small” (atleast in our own eyes) ways to serve those in need everyday. I pray that we all seek those opportunities to share God through our love and service everday…


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