stale sink water…

One of the first things I did this morning when I came to work at the Rec Center was to have to empty a drainage spot for the kitchen sinks at the Rec Center. That was at 10 am this morning and I still cannot get that smell out of my nostrils. We were never able to get the original septic plans for how the Rec Center was originally built when we took over the building a few years back. Most of the water and drains like in the bathrooms and pop machines we have re done ourselves. However the sink that we have in the basement has a drainage pipe that goes out the building to a pit under the porch where it is supposed to fill up and go out another drainage pipe. That second pipe mysertiously has backed up causing the pit under the porch to back up and the drainage water to become stale and need bucketed out occasionally or it will over flow stinky sink water onto the porch. Today was my day to take care of draining this hole and it was not fun!

Other than that whole deal I just whined about today has been a really good day. I have been able to get caught up and get a lot accomplished on our Biggest Loser contest, like getting everyone’s stats caught up on. Also we were able to get the lanes prepped for tonight’s mixed bowling league and various other things.

I just found out there is no school in Lee County tomorrow. Be praying that many of these kids will come out and we will have an opportunity to share Jesus with them here tomorrow. Take care!!


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