a busy weekend of outreaches…

This past weekend was a super busy weekend for Erin and I as we had various ministry events going on.

On Saturday night Erin had the FCA girls over to the house for a Valentine’s beauty outreach. Erin was able to share a devotion with the girls on the importance of inner beauty and what God looks for in someone vs. what the world looks at. The girls also enjoyed a spaghetti dinner and Cindy Coburn, who also works with KMM, helped the girls do a session on make up and skin care. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Last night we had our annual Super Bowl Outreach party at the Rec. Center. While our numbers were lower than usual, the halftime video featuring Carson Palmer, Chad Pennington and Kurt Warner did an excellent job of sharing with our students the importance of not only having a relationship w/ God, but also once you do the importance of having an impact for Him with those around us! I really felt as though God was moving in the lives of our students that were there last night and hopefully some will make decisions for Christ soon!

On a funny note, I had student show up for the party last night about an hour early. He asked me what time the quarterbacks were going to be there. I told him we were showing a dvd at half time featuring them, but no one was coming. It still didn’t quite register and he asked me what time they would be doing autographs….fun times!!!


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