an unexpectedly busy weekend…

On Friday morning Erin and I were getting ready to get up to get ready for her maternity check up at the Doctors. A few minutes before our alarms were scheduled to go off we were awakened with a phone call from Erin’s dad informing us that her Grandma Lorene had passed away. While this wasn’t totally unexpected it was a bit of a shock as we had just been visiting with her the previous Sunday.

So after working a full weekend at the Rec Center as snack bar boy, Erin and I left bright and early on Sunday morning to head to WV for the visitation and funeral. While the funeral was definitley a sad time there were some happy moments too. First of all, over a year and a half ago we were told Erin’s Grandma only had a few weeks to live. However with living so much longer we had several opportunities to spend time with her including our wedding day and the short visit the previous Sunday. So all the time God gave was with her was truly a gift. Secondly it always nice knowing that someone who passed had such a strong relationship with the Lord and now they are in Heaven with no more suffering. Also, this weekend we were able to see our niece Piper for the first time. So while celebrating the life of her Grandmother we were able to celebrate new life as well.

Today as I am back at home in KY trying desperately to get caught up on work in my office I have had a lot of time to think about all the family and friends that God has blessed me with. This weekend through all the sadness I find myself very thankful for my new family I have been given through my inlaws and just how I am blessed that so many of them know and love the Lord.

Erin and I had been talking about some people we knew who were raised in families that don’t know God and how they have struggled in so many areas of their lives from bad finances, to messed up relationships to various sinful lifestyles. While growing up as a kid some aspects of my christian family may have seemed to cause me to have a lack of “fun” looking back I am so thankful for the family God gave me and Erin and how we were protected.

Thank God for faithful Christ following family!!!

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