you can’t do it all…

This morning we held our weekly FCA huddle at the local high school. There were reasons to be both encouraged and discouraged. Encouraging was the fact that we had two new students who haven’t been before who came and joined us for our huddle. Discouraging was the fact that so many of our “regulars” have stopped coming. As I did a lesson with the students in attendance today I couldn’t help but think about how it was a message our missing students needed to hear. The lesson was called You Can’t Do It All. It talked about commitment and how when we spread ourselves so thin we aren’t excelling in any area. Many of the students we work with God has gifted in so many areas. However as they spread themselves thin across various school activities their walk with Christ slips on the priority list and they really don’t have a strong testimony at all. Things like quiet time, church attendance, prayer, witnessing, and yes even attending FCA really just don’t happen for them. I hope you will join me in praying for our students that they would wake up and really realize their need for a solid constantly growing walk with Christ. I am really fearful for many of them who will be graduating this spring and heading out into the temptations and trials of college life and being on their own for the first time. I pray they realize their need for constant walking with God asap!!


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