blast from the past…

Over the past couple of days I have been going through old cd’s and looking at various pictures from the past as I hunt out pictures for Erin to use in a support presentation we are working on putting together. As I have looked through many pictures I find myself being very thankful. First of all I am thankful for the many friends and people that God has allowed me to come into contact with over the years. I am especially thankful for those friendships that have lasted and are close even today! I am also very thankful for the places that God has allowed me to visit during my life. I have definitely had a lot of unique opportunities. As I looked through pictures I found myself thankful for relationships that didn’t work out. For over 27 years of singleness it hurt when a relationship ended or I just found myself alone in my singleness. But now with the wonderful wife I have in Erin am so thankful God new better than I who the perfect woman for me was. Old pictures definitely have a way of making us count our blessings!


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