will I remember where I was tonight???

Don’t worry, I know from the title of this blog entry it sounds like I am planning on partying to much tonight or something of that nature but that’s not the case. Tonight, I am getting ready to watch UK play for the right to go to the Final Four. While there are days that people always will remember where they were at when certain events occurred, ususally those are bad things. For instance I remember exactly where I was on 9/11, the start of the first Gulf War and various other events. However, in a more happier genre, I can remembe exactly was during Kentucky’s glory days in the 1990’s as they won elite eight games, final four games, and National championships. I remember jumping on my parents counch heart broken when they lost to Duke in 1992 and then being so mad at my folks for making me go to church in 1998 as Kentucky mounted and epic comeback to upset #1 Duke in the elite 8. I remembe watching from a hotel room in Indiana when UK beat UMass in the 1996 final four. All these great memories as a team that I bleed blue for pulled out some amazing games. Then for the past 12 years I have watched as they have slowly slid away from the elite of college basketball. Listening to friends in college and around the country give me a hard time as UK made early tournament exits or worst of all missed the tourney all together last year. So tonight I sit here on my couch with the anticipation of another trip to the Final Four. An anticipation I really haven’t felt confident in since 1998. Hopefully I will remember tonight and the next two games of the tournament for a long time as well!


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