March 2010 Prayer Letter

For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work: at the works fo your hands I sing for Joy.”

Psalms 92:4

Big news!!! We are having a baby!!! Our little one is expected to arrive on October 4th. This is a huge praise, because Erin has had some health problems and we were not sure we would be able to have children. Please keep us in your prayers as Erin has had all day nausea for a month straight, which is taking its toll on her. Looking forward to the addition to our family, we will be hitting the support trail this spring and summer. Please, pray that God would sustain us during this time and supply all of our needs. Thank you for rejoicing with us during this time.

The ministry has been going very well. We had a Teen Lock In on New Year’s Eve that was a huge success – 146 teens attended and all heard about the love of Christ. For our FCA girls, we held a Valentine’s Day dinner and craft night. This was a lot of fun, as Erin did a devotional about the love of Jesus and what true love is. There was a great discussion with the teen girls about lies the world tells them about love. This talk seemed to really hit home with some of these young women. Our prayer is that God would continue to use that evening in their lives. Things at the Rec Center are continuing to progress. We started our Biggest Loser Contest in January and have had about 20 faithful contestants. This winter, we have had a Bible study develop from the ministry in the Fitness Center. It has been a tremendous blessing to see individuals not only get more physically fit but also more spiritually fit.

Thank you for your faithful partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are hoping to see many of you face to face this spring and summer!

Praise & Prayer

· Praise God for the child we are expecting. Please pray for good health for Mom and Baby.

· Praise God for a successful New Year’s Eve Teen Lock In & that 146 teens heard the Gospel.

· Praise God for the development of two new Bible studies this winter, a teen boys study and a Fitness Center Bible Study.

· Please pray for our support development and new support contacts, as we share our ministry.

· Pray for people to come into relationship with Jesus and that He would be glorified through our ministry.


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