Today has been an interesting morning. I woke up bright and early and left home to go buy some snack supplies for the Rec Center. On my drive I called Erin to find out that our toilet which has given us problems on and off for years now finally caused a big big problem. It backed up and then kept pouring water into the bowl overflowing into our whole bathroom, into the hall way, and finally leaking into our basement. Very very frustrating….

Thankfully we have an unfinished basement so no drywall or drop ceiling damage was there to do. The bad news is we now have to figure out why the toilet was backing up and also get a new toilet that doesn’t constantly want to run water into the bowl. Saving the tax refund once again seems to be getting to be a dream..


One thought on “swamped…literally

  1. Aiello says:

    Well, what happened? How about a power rod of your main sewer line. Roots get in there are grow because of the water. Should clear it out nicely.

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