This is vacation week for Erin and I. Although rather than going on a big trip it’s actually a working staycation. We have a ton of projects to get done around the house. After the swamped incident on Friday one of the projects is installing a new toilet. I think I found a good one at Home Depot and Lowe’s that I am going to get tomorrow. Hopefully that will solve a lot of our problems. Also I am praying for sunny weather this week as I need at least one sunny day to get yard work done. We have a ton of mowing and weed eating to get done. With my schedule I’ve been doing different parts of the yard at different times. I hope to now get the opportunity to get it all done at once so that everything is nice and neat and even. The last major project I have is that I have to clean all of my stuff out of my office so that we can begin the process of making it into a nursery. Hopefully we can get all that done and have things looking sharp when I head back to the Rec!


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