changing my aim…

For the past couple of Sunday’s we have been substitute teaching the teen sunday school class at our church.   Since none of the kids in the class have been involved in FCA, Erin and I have going over the FCA theme with the kids.  Last week we talked with them about changing their sacrifice – meaning looking at their lives and seeing what aspects they need to change/sacrifice/give up/  that might be currently holding them back from growing in their walk w/ Christ.

This week though we talked about changing our aim.   Basically what is our goal?   As Christians our goal should be to bring honor and glory to God in every aspect of our life.   And to do that we have to take aim by using the gifts that God has given us to achieve this goal.   God has given us each gifts and passions in which we can excel at bringing honor and glory to him.

A few weeks back I took a spiritual giflts test and some of my main gifts were prophesy/truth and leadership.  I know from experience that my passion is using sports as a way to break across barriers and share the love of Jesus.   I sometimes struggle with the fact that I am not able to do this in as many ways as I would like to.   I know my goal and purpose for life but am I using my God given gifts and passions to reach it??  It’s a question I have really been struggling with over the past couple of months.   Please pray for me as I look for new ways and oppportunities to share the love of Christ through sports ministry and the gifts God has given me.   Also please just pray for wisdom and openness to whatever direction God maybe leading or patience if I am being told to stay put in any area of my life.   Thanks so much…

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