chilling at a church women’s gathering…

Catchy title for this blog, right? Well, it’s the truth I am hiding in the teen room at my church while my wife is attending a women’s fellowship night. We decided we would go to the drive in tonight for a mini date night double feature of Toy Story 3 and the A-Team. Erin though had a fellowship to attend at the church and so rather than us ending up with two car’s at the drive in, I decided I would come hide out at the church and get some computer work done.

This week at the Rec Center we were busy running a bowling camp in the mornings and then in the afternoon a church from Nicholasville, KY came and ran a VBS for the community in our facility. It was a great week, and while the numbers weren’t huge I really think each of the kids enjoyed the individual attention they were able to receive. And the best news of all 3 kids accepted Christ as their personal savior. Please be praying as I contact the sunday school teachers and churches where these kids attend that they will get the follow up they need to really develop a close walk w/ Christ.

Not as life changing, but very exciting to me is that tomorrow is Saturday June 26th, 2010. What’s so exciting about this date you may ask? Well, I am extremely excited because it is the first Saturday I have had to sleep in and do stuff around my house in forever and by the looks of my schedule for the rest of the summer the last I will have for a month or so! That being said I am pumped for some extra sleep and an opportunity to get some much needed stuff done on our house before the baby comes.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend!!!


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