getting motivated for the baby….

Please don’t take this as a blog about me wanting to motivate myself to get excited about having our first baby…believe me I am totally excited and can’t wait for our precious little one to get here. This is a blog about all the things I know I have to get done between now and then. First of all there is our house…..where to even start?? The biggest project we have to figure out is how to get our basement to stop leaking. It looks to me as though the house has settled lower than the ground outside and so water runs off the hill and under the basement door flooding our basement everytime there is a hard rain. This is bad because we really need to be able to store stuff in the basement in order to clean out the storage room/office which needs to be turned into the baby’s nursery. So as you can see there is a huge chain of things that starts w/ the basement.

After the basement gets taken care of we have to paint and get the nursery ready which actually seems like the easiest task on my list of things to do. It’s just getting the other stuff done to free up that room to be painted. Also, at some point I have to take Erin to register for the baby’s stuff!

One of the biggest things that Erin and I hope to do to make room for baby is to have a yard sale and sell a few items both to make space for baby and money for baby bills. I’m including a few things in this post that we hope to sell and if you are interested please please let me know! Some of these items are great like end tables and two really good working window a/c units!

The last thing I am really wanting to do is get in better shape. Lose some weight and just become an all around fitter me. One of my goals has always been to have children at a young enough age that I can still enjoy playing sports with them. While I am no means dying of obesity or anything close to that, please pray for me that I will be able to make the lifestyle changes like more sleep and more exercise that I need to insure a healthy active lifestyle with my kids!

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