end of the LeBron-a-thon…

I figured after listening to days to the opinion of every sports writer out there about what LeBron is doing, should do, and has done, I ought to atleast weigh in w/ my opinion.

Growing up as a card carrying Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls fan, I have had very little love for the Cavs. I can remember rejoicing when Michael hit “the Shot” over Ehlo and hating on Brad Daugherty and Mark Price.

I really have never been a LeBron fan either. During his senior year of high school I had the opportunity to help facilitate the practices for an Adidas high school all star game that he had participated in. Seeing the way that he was a pre-madonna back in high school and how his dear sweet greedy momma kept bossing everyone around that they needed to take care of her because of who her son was, there wasn’t a whole lot to be liked personality wise. Yes I was amazed when I saw him complete a one bounce pass from one end of the court to the other and some amazing dunks during that all star game at the United Center. However at the same time, it was shortly after he bolted from Adidas who had done so much for him to the millions of Nike, pretty much killing Adidas’ plans to take over the basketball shoe market.

All that being said I have had no reason to really like LeBron on Cleveland over the years. Yet last night as he took forever to make his destination announcement I began to feel sorry for the city of Cleveland. When the words “South Beach” came out of LeBron’s mouth I knew they had lost their hero and one of their own. Rather than trying to become a great hometown hero, Lebron had took the easy way out to a ring and effectively stomped on the hopes and dreams of a city that had put so much into him. Looking back as to what I had seen from Him as a high school player, I guess I shouldn’t be to surprised, but yet I found myself sickened by the greed of wanting the easy way out and making a spectacle of choosing to break his hometown’s heart. Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cav’s called it a low class narcissistic move….and unfortunately I think he was right.

LeBron has some amazing God given talent and is phenomenal basketball player. However no matter how many rings he may or may not win in Miami, I think this move and the way it was handled is really going to tarnish his legacy. Anyways that’s my opinion….hopefully some younger players will look at him as an example of how not to be loyal to those who have been loyal to you.


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