peace in the household….

Today has been a great day, a day that will bring happiness to the Owens family home. Today a dishwasher was installed in our house!!! And no that is not referring to Erin or I personally.
Shortly after we found out that the baby was coming Erin had said the one thing she truly wanted before the baby came was a dishwasher. So i began looking and hoping to get her one. Then life happened, or better yet major doctor bills happened. So with all the ultrasound bills and having to pay the doctor in advance of the baby coming her dream got set aside.

Then, last week God truly answered our prayer. In the midst of a very long chaotic work week, my dad called me on the phone telling me that he had been able to get us a used dishwasher someone had traded in on a new one for free!!! While my wife is always sentimental, and granted there are some major pregnancy hormones going on, it was really sweet to see her tear up and smile as I told her the news.

Fastforward to today, Wayne who works at the Rec Center w/ us, was able to install the washer and now it is running smoothly in our kitchen. We are so thankful to my dad, Wayne, and all those who made what seemed impossible happen, but most of all God who took a big want of ours and answered in a big way!!!


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