overwhelming need…

This afternoon Erin and I have been rehearsing our power point presentation to share about our ministry w/ KMM. As I was going over the infornation we had to share with the people I was reminded of the need of Jesus that so many people have, especially in our area of Southeastern Kentucky. I read the stats on how many kids are living w/ Grandparents because their parents are unable to raise them and I read the stats about those that finish school let alone go on to any sort of other further education. The most heart breaking part of all is that we were looking at pictures of kids that we have worked w/ over the past few years and many of them have totally turned their backs on God and are living their lives for themselves and don’t really care about a relationship w/ God at all. It’s so very sad when you realize someone has pretty much said No to God.

As I was going through this presentation, I was convicted much more on how I need to be praying even more for these kids and the rest of our community. I was convicted on the need to get others praying. Also, as I am looking at the future ministry of the Rec Center and the impact we can have on our community I once again really see how I need full time staff that are totally sold out to God and have a heart to reach our community for Christ. Don’t get me wrong I need volunteers to help w/ day to day stuff, but the need for a staff to be pushing ministry and showing the love of Jesus is vital. Please join me in praying for the Lee County Community and also praying for the many staff needs we have!


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