catching everyone up…

This past week has been really nuts, but it’s been awesome to see the way that God has been working.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to help lead a basketball clinic/outreach at our church for 3rd-8th grade boys.   It was a really opportunity to be able to be part of two things I dearly love basketball and sharing the love of Jesus with youth.   Around 30 boys attended and we had plenty of volunteers and everything ran smoothly.  The best part of all was that that many boys got to hear the Gospel presented by former UK basketball player Roger Harden.

On Monday-Wednesday I helped with a learn to bowl camp at the Rec Center.   During the lunch hour of the camp each day I was able to present a devotion to the kids.  I had Monday’s devotion prepared way ahead of time on the importance of not having anything unwholesome come from your mouth.  Shortly after hearing the kids calling each other names, saying shut up, and threatning to hurt each other it was as if it was a sign from God that I had been lead to present that devotion.   This camp also gave me the opportunity use our new outdoor basketball court at the Rec Center.  On Wednesday the weather cooperated and we were able to teach some baskeball skills to the kids….even got a nice red color to my bald head!!

Well, I have to run, but thanks to everyone who has been praying for these various camps…your prayer are much appreciated!


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