busy weekend of sharing…

This weekend has been a busy weekend of sharing about the ministry of KMM. Erin and I were at her home church, Bible Center, in Charleston, WV to give an update on things in KY. During both the morning services I had the opportunity to give a quick blurb about us and then give the offertory prayer. Between each service we had the opportunity to set up a display and talk with different church members, and also Erin got to catch up w/ a lot of people that she knew growing up.

During the evening service, we were given 15 minutes to do a ministry presentation to the church. Since we hadn’t been able to speak in front of the church since before Erin left staff w/ Campus Crusade we decided to do an overview of the community we live in, the needs facing the community, and how our ministry looks to address those needs and share the love of Christ.

We were also blessed to be able to hear some very good sermons given by the head of the theology department at Cedarville. Especially last night’s message which was on how our goal in life should be getting people adopted into the family of God and how that should always be our ultimate desire. Very very encouraging message.

This morning I was able to have a little bit of extra time to sleep in which was great. With work and the baby coming those times are few and far between, but make me definitely thankful when we are able to get them!

Over all this has been a great weekend of refreshment and encouragement. I am so thankful God gives us those times when we need them.


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