back to work…

Today is my first day back at the Rec Center after a weekend whirlwind of visiting w/ family and friends, baby shower, and speaking on Sunday.   The day got off to an interesting start just having to get up at 5:30 to drive back to KY in time to open up the Rec Center.   However, without speeding I managed to make it back to get the Rec Center opened up on time and ready for buisness.   As the day progressed I played catch up on various things around the Rec Center and ran the bowling lanes for our weekly seniors that come in every Tuesday to bowl.  Now as the day winds down I am getting ready to pick up Erin and head to a Kiwanis dinner.   By the time I get hope it will have been a really long day.

Not to bore you with my day I do want to blog on a serious note to ask you to be prayin about the kids that we work with here in Beattyville.  I returned today to find that one of our kids we work with is making some really bad relationship decisions with a person that doesn’t know the Lord.   It’s been a struggle to see someone who you have poured into for years totally reject over and over what they know they should do and really not give a care about their testimony.   At the same time I was finding all this out Erin was having a conversation with someone else about another person who does full time ministry in our area that is really struggling with this same issue, of seeing kids you are giving your life to share with constantly turn away from God.   I know the pull of Satan and the World is strong wherever you are, but it really seems to just constantly draw the kids here in Beattyville away from God.   Kids that claim to be Christ followers are willing to follow anything but Christ.  Relationships, friendships, and various other things hold so much sway in their lives.    All that being said,  I am asking for your prayers.   Pray for Erin and I, as well as other Christian workers in our area not to get discouraged.  Pray that we will continue to be sold out to God and passionate in our pursuit of showing the love of Christ to these kids.   And most importantly, pray for our kids.  Pray that they will not only recognize their need to put Christ as Lord of their life, but that they would do that no matter the cost or the draws of this world.   Please please pray…


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