great things happening….

On Friday I asked you all to be praying about the basketball skills camp outreach I ran on Saturday, and also for our after school bowling program that starts this afternoon. I have great news to report on both events.

The bball camp went really well. We had 21 3rd-8th grade girls attend and several girls from the Powell County Girls basketball team helped coach. It was an awesome opportunity as we not only got to teach basketball skill, but most importantly got to share the Gospel with all these girls even the high school girls. I am so very thankful for all those who helped volunteer their time to have an impact on the lives of these young ladies!

Also, this afternoon we are gearing up for our first day of our weekly afterschool bowling league outreach. Wayne and I had been hoping for around 20 kids to come today for the first day. Once again though we serve a great God who is working even bigger than our hopes. As we began to total up the number of kids coming today and call the local schools to see if anymore kids had turned in permission slips we found out that around 40 kids will be coming today w/ the possiblity of more. So very excited to be able to share the love of Christ w/ these students.

As I close this post I wanted to ask you to pray for two more things. Tomorrow morning we start back w/ our first FCA huddle of the year at LCHS. Pray that God would send the kids and that we would have a great impact for Christ at LCHS. Also, tomorrow afternoon we go back for another baby check up. We really feel the time is getting near, so please continue to pray for good health and safety for both Erin and our baby girl. Thanks so much!


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