another great day of FCA….

Today Lee County High School held its monthly club day. For one period in the morning and another in the afternoon, the students are allowed to attend different clubs. So, during both periods we have been able to work with Angie Hall and have FCA huddles in our room. This is a great opportunity because we get a lot of kids who don’t attend the weekly huddles and many who don’t even go to church. So rather than having only a discipleship time we have a great opportunity to do evangelism and share all that Christ has done w/ the students. Today almost 40 students attended and we had a the opportunity not only to play some fun “Minute to Win It Games” with them, but also to show a video of Louie Giglio talking to the students about what it means to live a Christian Life and how that it’s impossible to do it on our own with out relying on the power of Christ. Over all it was just a really great day and a conclusion to a great week of ministry here at the school in Lee County. We are definitley praising God and praying that the seeds that were planted this week will grow into new believers and stronger believers who are truly wanting to make Christ the Lord of their lives!


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