prayer request…

This morning Erin and I got a phone call from Maeven’s pediatric office saying that the results of her pku test had come back in. The bad news is that they came back inconclusive for systic fibrosis. We are very optimistic that she doesn’t have this disease as the nurse told us that often times they just didn’t draw enough blood to do an accurate testing. Also after calling both sides of our family we found out that we have no history of systic fibrosis on either side of the family.

All that being said, tomorrow Maeven will be undergoing another pku test and probably with in a week we will be getting the results. Please join us in praying that our baby girl will be fine, and that this was just a glitch with the first test. Thanks so much!


2 thoughts on “prayer request…

  1. reccenterwreck says:

    We decided not to get the CF blood test. Just felt like it would give us more to worry about than we already had on our plate at the time. Thanks for your prayer, the dr. seems to think everything will come back great!

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