Maeven’s Dr. appointment update…

Yesterday we took Maeven for her 2 week check up and the doctor really helped to calm a lot of our fears about the blood test. She said that most of the times it is just a lab mix up where the test sat to long before being tested. Also she said babies that have systic fibrosis don’t thrive and grow the way that Maeven is growing. In Dr. Lewis’ words Maeven is a perfectly healthy girl, which was great new to us. They still redid the pku test and we should know the results by next Friday, but things are super optomistic after yesterday. Maeven doesn’t have to go back to the dr until December for a 2 month check up!

Erin also had a check up yesterday and also received good news. It looks like she has healed up well from the c section and doesn’t have to go back to the dr for another month. I am very excited that both my lovely ladies are healthy and doing well!

While not a serious issue at all, I am pleased to report that last night I bowled my highest score ever during men’s league! I bowled a 233! I was basically one strike from making the hall of fame board at the Rec Center. I didn’t make the hall of fame here, but I have hope now that it is reachable for me!

Also, I am excited that tomorrow I am going to be starting to help out w/ Upward Basketball at Emmanuel Baptist. While my schedule is only permitting me to ref some games this year, I am super excited to finally be getting plugged into Upward which is a ministry that I think is truly awesome and can have an impact on so very many people. Hopefully eventually I will be able to get more and more involved. Till then pray that I will be able to ref well and teach some of the little ones a bit more about the game and the love of Christ!!


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