weekend update…

This weekend went by really fast but was a great weekend nonetheless. On Saturday for the first time I had to opportunity to go to our church and ref Upward bball games. The first game was for the really little kids, so I would say it was more like herding the kids rather than reffing. Even so it was still a lot of fun. The last game I reffed the kids were a bit older so we called more, but I loved the fact that in upward you not only act as a ref, but also as an on court coach trying to encourage the kids and let them know what they are doing wrong and how they can improve.

Saturday night was a lot of fun as we had my sister and some of the KMM interns over to the house to watch movies and hang out. We had a fun time watching “mockumentaries” and just goofing off with them. I’m also very thankful for my sister Amanda who watched the baby on Saturday afternoon so that Erin could go do some shopping and have some alone time that she much needed.

On Sunday it was a whirlwind of church, hanging out at Wayne and Tawny’s for a very good lunch and then trying to get the baby to stay awake so that she would sleep last night. We must have been fairly successful as it was a very restful night!

Today, I am getting read for this afternoon’s youth bowling league. I am hoping that our numbers will start to go up again this week as we were missing several students last week. Thanks so much for your prayers and I will try to continue to keep everyone updated!


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