still makin pizzas…

Well, I am back at the Rec Center for another day of making pizzas. I personally made 27 pizzas for the festival yesterday and 29 if you count two call in orders. I am hoping to double that today as the big parade is today drawing more and more people in to town. As I suspected it really was a ghost town here at the Rec Center yesterday and so we need the sales as it looks like today will be pretty much the same here.

On am more personal note, this has been a rough week for getting Maeven to sleep. I thought about not writing anything about it because so many people have given us this your never going to sleep again speech and when you say anything about it the give you the get used to it talk. Which I might add is highly annoying and frustrating. Maeven’s rough nights have been frustrating and exhausting, but she is such a sweet baby and even when she cries its not a loud piercing cry. Also, we have had some really good nights where she sleeps and eats on schedule giving us a lot of hope. So, we just pray that those nights will be come the norm soon.

We are also gearing up for the big Halloween lock in next weekend at the Rec Center. We are still in need of people to help chaperon the event. If you are available please please let me know!


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