delayed blogging…

This past week has been a rough one on the Owens family as both myself, Erin and Maeven, have all been a bit under the weather. Thankfully, we are pretty sure it is all allergy related and thus not contagious….especially for the baby!

Maeven has had a respiratory problem since we brought her home where often she sounds like she is weezing or gasping for breath. On Tuesday she had an xray that showed no airway blockages or trachea webbing. Both of which are good news, but unfortunately we still don’t know the exact cause of the issue. We will be taking her to see a specialist on the 16th so please remember us and especially Maeven in your prayers.

This has also been a week of recovery for us after the big lock in. Praise God that we had 247 kids come to the lock in who heard the Gospel. Also pray that we will be able to follow up with many of these kids.

Currently we are at YHBC for KMM’s annual Fall conference. Its been a very good time of studying and learning about God’s plan for teamwork. I thank God for the team He has given us, but am really praying that He will continue to send more helpers to join us in the work here!

Hope to write more soon!


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