Sunday w/ the family…

This Sunday has been a very good day for us. This morning Erin, Maeven, and I attended church with my parents where we visited with a lot of friends we hadn’t seen in awhile and I had the opportunity to share about what is going on in our ministry with the everyone there. I think Grandpa and Grandma Owens were most excited about the opportunity to show off their grand daughter!

After visiting with people after church we went to Clay County to have lunch w/ my family and spend some time visiting with them. Especially with my Aunt Anna who is battling cancer right now. Maeven was her normal sweet self and enjoyed being held by all the aunts and some cousins.

In a word of praise, we are super excited that last night for the first time Maeven slept through the entire night!! Usually she has to wake up at least once to eat, but last night she was as content as could be to sleep. We pray that it will continue and not be a one night fluke!

Hope to post more soon!


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