it all worth while…

Yesterday was a day that started off as busy and hectic as any normal day for me. I was up early to head out to camp to learn how to do some of the financial work in the office. Then I came back to the Rec Center in time to update the Rec Center website and catch up on some office work before the youth league. Then at around 3:30 all the kiddos started showing up for the fast paced weekly monday night youth league. Honestly all felt pretty normal. Then one of the young kids approached me about wanting to get saved. I had the opportunity to talk w/ Him about what salvation meant and to see if He truly knew what he was doing. After awhile of talking and sharing specifically what Christ had done for Him, and what a relationship w/ Christ should look like, right in the middle of the bowling center he prayed to receive Christ. In that instant a pretty ordinary day became extraordinary. Over the past 5 years or so I have been able to plant many seeds, disciple, and plug people into churches here at the Rec Center, but this was the first time I actually have gotten to be part of the harvest. And to see a young kid who was excited and really seemed to know what He was doing was an awesome experience. I am truly praising God and praying that I will have more chances to work with this young man as he grows in his relationship w/ God!


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