my new prayer time…

I don’t want to confuse anyone by the title of this new blog and have them thinking that I am just now starting to pray. It’s not that at all, it’s just that I have added a new time of prayer into my daily routine that is awesome. But first a history lesson from the life of Andy.

Growing up I can always remember a special time of the day when my parents would bring the day to a close by reading a story, most of the times a Bible story, and then we would have prayer time as a family where we all prayed.

Fast forward to today and I now have my own family. While my daughter Maeven has yet to speak her first words and looks at me like I am crazy when I am talking to her, much less reading to her, we don’t quite yet have the same end of the day routine that my family and I had growing up. However, each night I am in the routine of putting her in her cradle for the night. It is during that time that I have begun to pray for her safety through the night, through life, and whatever God has for her. Also praying for her future and that God would guide Erin and I through all the mistakes and choices we are going to have to make as new parents. Usually she is looking up at me with that same your crazy daddy look, but it’s become a very special time for me and when I really think about it, the perfect way to end the day…


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