After a very busy and hectic day and facing an even busier day tomorrow I should probably be sleeping right now. Alas I find myself here laying in bed wide awake. I tried the whole counting sheep thing. However that made me think back to an episode of Sesame Street from my child hood, where the Count was counting sheep. From there my mind went off recalling various Muppets and the skits, shows, and movies they were in.

From there my mind got back on a somewhat normal track and for awhile began mapping out tomorrow. Everything from FCA huddles to senior citizen bowling came to mind!

Next my mind began to randomly ponder whether or not it could remember every movie I have seen in a theater or not and how many that would be. I started with the very 1st one I saw which was Cinderella all the way to the last one Robin Hood. However the in between movies are pretty fuzzy in my memory.

Finally I decided to get on my phone and write this really random blog as some sort of sleep therapy. My eyelids are gettin heavier so hopefully this did the trick. If not? Well then I might have a really random blog again very soon!


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