holiday rush…

Today has been the start of a busy rush to get things done for Thanksgiving. With family and food on the way the push to get things together at the Rec Center and then get the house in order is on. Making this even more interesting is my beautiful daughter Maeven. She is just now getting into the phase where she recognizes things going on such as voices, people moving around, and mom and dad making silly faces for her. That being said she wants to know where we are at all times which makes moving from room to room to clean more interesting. Hopefully we can tag team things with one person with Maeven while the other does a task.

Also, I am halfway done making my pies for tomorrow. I made one set of pb pies on Monday, and still have my Man vs. Food pies to make before tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well!

Enough complaining and boring you though, this has truly been a year of things to be thankful for! Most of all I am so very thankful for my wife and beautiful daughter. About 3 years ago if you had told me I would be blessed this much, I would have laughed from my almost 27 years of singleness. However, God truly had an amazing plan and I am so very thankful!!!


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