lots of food and a tired baby…

Over the past couple of days we have really enjoyed the opportunity we have had to spend some time with so many members of both sides of our family. On Thanksgiving day we enjoyed a big dinner at my parents house with several members of my mom’s side of the family. I must say even though I ony ate one plate of food I really stuffed myself. Also the majority of people there had yet to see Maeven and so they got to enjoy some time just hangingout and holding her!

On Friday afternoon, Erin’s Mom and Erin’s brother and his family came in for a visit. We kept all the kids entertained with bowling yesterday and then a horse ride at my dad’s this morning. The girls really enjoyed riding Poopsy and I must say after over 4 years of being on a horse I am out of practice and realized if I am going to ride again I really need to get back into it! All of our nieces really enjoye meeting their “1st” cousin and got to take turns holding her as well.

Now I am sitting here in my living room taking a breather in all the hustle and bustle with a very sleep baby passed out in the swing next to me and a very tired boxer that just curled up with her head on my lap. Having a lot of fun and being held and petted by so many people has worn them both out! But the good news is we re getting ready to head back to my parents for a good steak dinner!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend as much as we have!


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