a year older…

Well, I sit hear typing this blog as a 30 year old. Wow, I never thought I would reach this age so soon. I also never thought I would reach it as a balding and slightly overweight dude. But alas, here I am. And despite being a little worse for wear than I had hoped to be, I reach it very gladly and very thankfully. Over the past 30 years I can look back at how God has continually blessed me and took care of all my needs. From placing me in a loving Godly home, protecting me from the entrapments of various high school temptations, leading me into the perfect fit for me at Moody Bible Institute. By bringing Godly encouraging friends into my life. And then over the last three years a total whirlwind of blessing from meeting Erin through something seemingly so random as eharmony, finding my true best friend in her, getting married, and now having our beautiful daughter Maeven! God is truly awesome and has truly made me a blessed balding, slightly overweight, 30 year old man!


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