alone with the baby…

Tonight was a first for me and Maeven, we were left home alone while Erin went out to a ladies Christmas party w/ the KMM ladies. It started out pretty easy, with Maeven sleeping for most of the first hour of being alone. We finally had a diaper change that went really well, I actually managed to get the new diaper on which is normally where I have trouble.

I finally reached troublesome times when we reached feeding time. Maeven isn’t a big fan of the formula. It became an hour long battle to get her to eat 3 ounces of formula. However, I proved myself the victor, but before I could celebrate the victory Maeven had a major blow out and got the last laugh.

The rest of the evening went well for the most part with both some sleeping and some crying. About 9:30 Maeven started to get hungry and so I walked around the house bouncing her and trying to keep her calm. Then just before the tears were about to really start flowing Erin came home for meal time.

Overall though it was a really good night with my beautiful daughter and the next time we get to hang out alon i won’t be as scared realizing I can handle it! As always though, I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter Maeven!


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