Christmas Day 2010…

Well I am in the midst of celebrating my first Christmas as a dad. While Maeven is still to young to get all excited about Christmas with the present opening and to young to understand what Christmas is all about, it is still a very special time for us. So far her favorite thing has been to look at the lights on the Christmas trees in both sets of grandparents house. She sorta just has this look of being in awe of all the bright colors. She is also really enjoying the hippo her Aunt Amanda gave her that you can heat up the belly of so that it keeps her warm.

Also, this Christmas has been great for seeing the joy that Maeven is not only giving Erin and I, but also the glow of happiness she has brought to her grandparents. Both Erin and I have made comments about the beaming smiles we have seen on grandparents as they have been able to hold her and see her next to her parents. The only downer though is that none of the grandparents got her the Wii she told me she really wanted. Lol. For some reason they don’t believe me that she asked for one….oh well, I guess maybe next year!


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