survived shopping…

Today we went out for a bit of after Christmas shopping. I quickly realized how much of a dad I am becoming when the prospect of making a hat that said Maeven’s Dad was more appealing than a sharp new Yankees or UK hat. Also, I realized while sort of bulky to push around a stroller is an excellent place to store your winter coat while walking around the mall!

While we were out Erin rekindled her love affair with Chick-Fil-A. I swear she has a sort of homing beacon that kicks in when she is with in 10 miles of one that alerts her to nuggets and sweet tea!

Maeven did well on our shopping excursion although she found the warmth of her carrier to much and gave in to the urge to sleep. I got a great picture of her snoozing in Old Navy that I will definitley post later.

We finally got back to the house though to let our dogs out and the way our schnauzer acted you would have though that we had been gone for weeks. And also we found out that an overly excited schnauzer doesn’t go well with a mom who is feeding a baby.

All in all it was a great day and we are truly enjoying our mini vacation with Erin’s family!


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